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New Virtual Healing Opportunities 

Virtual Offerings... Helping You Stay Balanced - body, mind & spirit 
a note from founder, Suzanne Morgan 
updated June 9, 2020 

Hey, lovelies. 

Even though the Corona Virus pandemic has been so unsettling, I’ve used my Ayurveda, yoga and meditation practices to find much more peace, health and happiness – and I’m ready to help YOU balance your body, mind and spirit.


I’m so excited (and inspired!) to announce new virtual offerings that I think you’ll love: 


1. Yoga Classes with Suzanne Morgan 


Updated June 9, 2020: I am no longer hosting Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes at noon due to insufficient attendance. But do please join me for my Saturday 9 am class at the link below! 



My yoga classes are donation-based. If you are struggling financially, please don’t worry about making a donation. If you are still working, please consider making a donation to me as Moon Meadows Farm is temporarily shut down and I am without income. If you want to send me a donation, you can send it via Venmo (my contact info is Suzanne Morgan @Suzanne-Morgan-29). You can also easily send it via PayPal. Go to PayPal, select Send money, then enter either my phone number (703-626-8349) or my email ( Or feel free to send a snail mail check to me at 8706 Leetown Road, Kearneysville, WV 25430. 



2. Private Health Coaching and/or Spiritual Counseling – Book into my calendar or request a time! 


Do you need help with a health issue, creating healthy habits, spiritual or inspirational guidance? I am now offering virtual sessions via phone or Zoom video conferencing. The link below is to my calendar. 


Please book a 60-minute session here. And be sure to let me know what you need help with.


My suggested rate is $100 per session, but during these challenging times I am open to a sliding scale/reduced payment for those who need it. If you are still working, please consider making a donation to me as Moon Meadows Farm is temporarily shut down and I am without income. You can send me a donation via Venmo (Suzanne Morgan @Suzanne-Morgan-29) or PayPal ( 


3. Sangha for Light Workers (Yoga Teachers, Healers, Therapists, etc.) – every Monday at 10 am EST. 


This is a support meeting for those of us who heal others. Whether you are a yoga teacher, pastor, Reiki master, therapist, Psychic or other healer, join us for support, resources & idea sharing, community, plus more! My intention is to make this a weekly offering. We will share our struggles, our successes, our resources and will come together to offer each other support. I am particularly interested in supporting individuals who are sole-proprietors or small businesses whose work has been affected by COVID 19.  


This is a free event, but please register in advance. If you have any questions about whether or not you are the right fit for this group, please send me an email at


Here’s the registration link:



I am sending all of you loving, healing light. May we all remain healthy, open, productive, compassionate and generous. 




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