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Forest Bathing: How Nature Heals Our Mind, Body and Soul

Since I moved onto Moon Meadows Farm, I have been practicing Forest Bathing, the mindfulness practice of being observant in nature....

In Japan, the practice is known as Shinrin-yoku and it has been studied for the expansive health benefits of nature therapy. Health benefits include boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. And it’s believed that the benefits continue even after you leave the forest or woods.

In addition, I believe that time spent in nature helps us feel our connection to all living things, helps “right-size” our fears and worries and helps us increase our intuition and creativity.

Forest bathing is decidedly not a hike thru the woods. It’s not a work out. It’s a movement meditation. To practice, slowly walk thru the woods. Pay attention to colors, sounds and textures. Listen to the sounds of the birds, water trickling in a nearby stream, the sound of the wind. Notice what you smell. How many different shades of green do you see? What does the ground feel like beneath your feet? And go ahead and hug that tree.

I invite you to experience Forest Bathing and nature therapy at our gorgeous yoga retreat center. Come for a weekend retreat and allow nature to heal your mind, body and soul.



P.S. Let us customize a retreat for your group — or join one of my open retreats.

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